About Neomorphis

Neomorphis originally started out in 1998 as a website hosting company for its parent company, Oongawa Design.  Today, Neomorphis is primarily a website design and development company.

Neomorphis is a small website development company.  And we feel that is a great benefit to our customers.  We sub-contract out work when we need to, meaning you don't get charged for unused labor overhead.  We don't have a big, fancy office.  If we did, that is another cost that would get passed on to you, the customer.  We are light and nimble, and able to react quickly.

Don't let our size or lack of expensive offices fool you, we have tackled and are quite capable of handling large projects.  We managed the day-to-day website needs of IndyGo for three years.  We developed the custom website application that drives Express Medical Record's business.  We have created online parts databases and elaborate back-end administrative areas.  We have also successfully implemented local and global search engine optimization projects.

Neomorphis can create custom, hand-made websites, WordPress sites or implement other content management systems.  We can also ensure your website works on mobile devices.

Neomorphis provides a wide range of web-related services, including:

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Neomporphis can create a new website for you or maintain your existing website.  If you are a website design company looking for someone to handle overflow work, please contact us.